iOS vs Android

ipad airFirst allow me to apologize for not posting recently, the website was attacked and I’ve been in a funk ever since, personally if I was still sighted I’d have hunted the S.O.B.down and sent as many claymores to they’re systems to slag the cores. Anyway, I’m not a technician anymore.

When I was working as a computer technician I remember telling my customers “If you buy Apple loose my number.” I am now in the position that I have to eat my words. Of course my problem with Apple products still exists for average Barbadians Apple products are way to expensive, and even though I now believe it is worth it I still believe its too expensive unless you really have too. For me I have been practicing playing guitar and keyboard for the last year and needed to be able to record and mix my creations so I opted to buy an iPad Air 2 and to be very honest I was blown away. First lets talk about what I bought it for Music… Apple’s iPad has an amazing amount of apps for those of us trying to create music on a budget, instead of spending the four to five thousand dollars Barbados BD$ to have a modest studio I spent fifteen hundred and the quality is superb I’ll be doing a full review of that in the future. Now lets talk about what knocked my socks off… I consider myself a superuser when it comes to computers and tablets, I use them from creating electronic circuits to checking my accounts to updating billing information, you name it I do it on a tablet. So imagine my shock when I put my apps on the iPad Air 2 @ 32 GB storage and it outperforms my Asus Andriod 5.01 with 4 GB Ram 64 GB storage and an extra 128 GB memory card plus quad core Atom Z3580 CPU same apps etc… the Asus with all that power should out perform the iPad right? but no, actually the iPad with it’s measly 32 GB of storage makes the Andriod OS look like its standing still. As it turns out Apple is using a Unix based OS NEXTstep which it seems at least to me in its current iteration to be much more stable and very proficient in memory and CPU usage. lets just say I’ve uninstalled most of the apps on the ASUS and use it mainly for experimentation, I even bought an iPhone… So to my ex customers that went the apple direction I humble ask your forgiveness if the iMac pro 15″ laptop was cheaper I’d buy one but at apple’s prices that’s not happening anytime soon. if you’ve experianced the change from Andriod to Apple let me know if you disagree with me let me know that too.


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