Creating the perfect Makers Space (part 2)

First allow me to apologize for my tardiness, but… Let’s just say that I bit off more than I could chew. Designing and Building a Makers space for a regular person can be a daunting task… imagine. if you will how much more that task becomes if you’re visually challenged. to be very honest if I had known how much work it’d entail or the problems that I, being impaired would cause I probably wouldn’t have attempted it in the first place, but after a month I sit here at the desk I designed for my studio and feel rather proud of myself.

I had actually intended to build three units but opted instead only for the one desk for two reasons… (1) The problems of getting materials and tools in Barbados is difficult and rather expensive, (2) I went over the budget for the project. The end result was rather impressive I’m obviously better at the design than the implementation of the actual project, the dark stain I used in the end covered the myriad of mistakes I made (Trust me, I’m not kidding), and the original design required drawers on the left side but my disability and the mistakes I made in construction made that an impossibility… The important lesson at least for me is that no matter what the challenge, or obstacles in my life I can overcome them even with a disability. I will do a video tour of the studio in the future to give you a better idea how it all came together. Thank you for viewing.




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