The Calix modem (Part 2)

Here is one solution this is the Linksys WRT1200AC and her little brother the WRT 8 port gigabyte switch. Now any wireless router or wireless access point will be better than the Calix, and the benefits are amazing.


Let’s look first at something I forgot to mention in my first post….Do you live in a populated area? Do you get kicked off the internet constantly? Would you like to know why? Look at the next pic:


You’ll notice from the graphic above that a number of wireless signals are on the same channels… channels1,6,and 11 seem to be the channels of choice.  By the way the apps I use to see this info are WiFi analyzer on Android and WiFi commander on Windows , both apps do an extremely good job, and I use them all the time.
Okay, the multiple signals on the same channel are to blame for your constantly getting knocked off the internet, and many other problems I’m not going to cover here. It’s better to select a channel not being used the higher the better… like 2, 3, 4, 5, 9,10 or 12 , 13. In this instance.
Alright, so what are the benefits? The first obvious one is the signal on the graphic above that is stronger than the others, yes it’s on channel 6 but… it’s signal is more powerful than the others and in this face off power wins,  Another benefit is most New WRT or WAP comes with a guest account and a way to give priority to your devices, plus you’ll never have to give your main network password to anyone, keeping your info safe.
As for the power outages the only thing you can do is buy a UPS DC Computers has some relatively well priced units that won’t break your budget.


2 thoughts on “The Calix modem (Part 2)

  1. Hi
    Did you ever post the user name and password for the Calix router?
    I have a Flow box in my tv room right by the router and a second box in an upstairs bedroom.
    I want to configure an old LIME Smart RG router to connect it between my second second box to extend wifi to other parts of the house.
    For this I think I need to log in to Calix router.


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