The Calix Modem


This is the Calix modem offered by Flow Barbados, it is a basic modem with an a,b,g,n class wireless, so it should be powerful, right? Wrong, unless you live in a wooden home or a wall house with little steel then the power output on this modem will suffice… on the other hand, if your home has lots of steel in the walls or you’re like me living in a sawed stone home? Well then, your out of luck.
Another problem with this unit is both data and phone  come through the same unit so unless you have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) when the power goes out (which in Barbados is every other week) you loose both data and phone services, hopefully you won’t need emergency services during that time.
And finally, if you live in a household with multiple people, guest coming and going and you need to configure your network so you have priority? In that way no matter how many people are online in your home you can browse and do all that you want? Then you’re in the wrong universe….
So how can you get around the limitations of this unit? Stay tuned I’ll answer that question and more in my next post.


2 thoughts on “The Calix Modem

  1. When setting up a 2nd SSID on this device, I would like to be able to put the 2nd SSID on a different subnet, and prevent those users from seeing/accessing devices on the main SSID. Possible?


    1. Sorry Adrian, but no, the modem doesn’t have that ability. After reciving your request I did try as it wasn’t something I’d tried before with this unit and though there is other names for SSID in there I wasn’t able to get a second SSID started. What I did try in this area was the hidden SSID for the modem which should hide the broadcast SSID feature meaning to add any wireless device you’d have to 1. know its there and it’s name 2. have the security info for the modem…that feature turns off the wireless… which is the dumiest thing I’ve ever seen. but its Flow and the modem is cheap.


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