Creating the perfect Makers space

Hi guys, I’ve decided not to allow my disability to stop me from doing some kind of work… As you may or may not know during the last four years I’ve joined the ranks of the legally blind and can no longer work as a computer technician, or can I?

Well, I’m going to try I won’t be working like I used to I’ll instead be revamping my business to function from the internet mainly, giving reviews on new products, unboxings, how to’s, and projects such as creating an office or Makerspace for me to work in. I can hear you now….”Oh Wolf what in the name of farbott is a Makerspace?”.  it might be easier to explain what a Maker is… A Maker is a person working in a multitude of disciplines, engineering, programming, manufacturing etc… they work with multiple types of materials e.g. Acrylic, plastic, wood, metal and so on, their mantra is “If you can’t repair it yourself, you don’t own it!” They go against society’s norms and tread a path of their own choosing and making and damn the consequences.

As such, a Maker’s space conforms to that ideal, it’s an office, studio and workshop designed to work in multiple areas, disciplines, materials etc…, it contains the tools and technologies to accomplish amazing feats of engineering and simple projects like repairing a child’s toy. it acts as a mecha for like minded individuals to come together and exchange ideas, viewpoints, and ideologies. In short, a Makerspace is continuation of the social revolution to take power back from the conglomerates and governments of the world.


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